Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Caturday!

I'm feeling under the weather today. Tammy is keeping me company and Ed just got home with provisions, a box of 72 alka-seltzers(he doesn't mess around) and name brand saltines *sigh* he's a good one.


Rachele said...

What a good one! If I send the mister out for cold medicine, he will come back with 3 different kinds and rarely the one requested 0_o But I hope you feel better soon! Tammy is adorable, btw.

Danielleorama said...

Ha! he's got to get an A for effort :3


Rachele said...

He does! I don't blame him either. There is like a billion type of cold medicines at the store to pick from.

Anything but Bland said...

awe! i always wonder what cats like that feel like!!! :)

love, polly

Erin Dawn said...
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Erin Dawn said...


PS...your "carry me like a baby" comment made me laugh for quite a while. And yes, I'll allow you to do that.

PPS...I suck at spelling. Attempt #2.

Carrie said...

very cute blog and very cute cat! I feel ya with not feeling good I am going on two weeks of not feeling good but whatever

have a great week