Saturday, September 24, 2011

Plush // This time last year

I don't always make a lot of seasonal stuff, usually because I'm not thinking that far ahead. I was looking through my flickr  tonight and was reminded these guys, they're pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. I can't believe it's already going to be October, this year has flown by!
 Candy corn for Tiny Plush Tuesday in the Etsy Plush Team shop.
 A custom order for one of my favorite customers<3
 Zombie Owl Brooch
I don't know why but something about them when they're together strikes me that they've been reformed and are all holding stable jobs in realty,banking,car sales,and 1 of them has a profitable pet sitting business. I'm not one to judge and if i were I honestly couldn't tell who does what, but I'm glad they're staying out of trouble!

Last but not least, Reformed Movie Monsters. I actually made Frank and Drac last August per Ed's request and the mummy and werewolf followed suit. I loved them so much and they sold as a set in record time, within like 10 minutes of being listed! The wolfman was definitely my fave :D


Anonymous said...

Oooo! That owl is too cute! <3

xo, Samantha

Lost Cabin Vintage said...

Hell yeah zombie owl! Hey, I refunded a 20% discount back into your paypal account - for being a blog follower! Is it ok if I use a pic of you for the blog, being my first customer and all ;)
Toni xo

Paula said...

I love the zombie owl, eep!! and the candy corn looks so adorable. they could also be used as the cutest ring holders :)
Enjoy the weekend and thanks for sharing your creations, Paula

Cas said...

Oh my goodness so freaking CUTE. And I just love your little story about how they are holding down jobs..... lol too adorable. The owl is my favorite!!! Sea Marie

Danielleorama said...

Thanks guys :D

Toni, if course you can<3

Erin Dawn said...

OMG I want that zombie owl!! Can you make me one? For reals?

Pet sitting Allen said...

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