Thursday, September 01, 2011

Mail Call // Mame Arcade Cabinet

Yay! Our Arcade finally came today and luckily Tommy was here because the delivery guy was NOT helpful. The arcade has mame,nes,snes,all sega and all atari systems on's awesome! I can't believe we own this and it's on our living room :O

 Do you love this staged photo? "Hey baby, lemme show you how this thing works".

We got insurance recently, thank god because I had to go to the Dr. yesterday. I was having horrible pains on my left side...that was good since it definitely wasn't my appendix. I was in so much pain they gave me a shot of morphine in my butt cheek, holy shit! that hurts. I thought that the pain must be the morphine going into my butt muscle but Ed said it was actually the needle, it was super long. Then I had to drink a half gallon of that contrast stuff, Ed gave a me a cup every 20 minutes. I was pretty comfy after the morphine and just read my kindle. 

After I finished the contrast I had a ct scan and they gave me iodine in an iv. It was so weird! You taste metal in your mouth and you get a really warm sensation, reeeally warm on your bits! it felt like i was peeing...I'm glad I was warned. Well I'm ok anyway nothing seriously wrong just stomach pains...really painful ones that don't subside. I'm feeling better today though and hopefully I'll be back to normal tomorrow :/


Barbara - The Tattooed Housewife said...

That arcade is awesome!!!
and I've had a shot in the butt. Actually a couple while I was pregnant for being Rh negative. They don't feel good at all!

order and chaos said...

holy crap! that sounds awful, but i'm glad to hear you're sort of feeling better! hope things settle down soon.
that arcade is stellar by the way, i'm all kinds of jealous!
xo. holly

Krista said...

The only thing that would made that arcade better is to bling it out and paint it pink. Dude you guys are never gonna leave the house now ;)

Are you sure you just didn't have really bad gas pains? I know more than a few people who ended up in the ER for that. My suggestion for you is to go get some acupuncture, sounds like a little liver stagnation to me. Whenever my insides get outta whack I go in for some acupuncture, after a few sessions and some herbs, all better. Anywho. Enjoy the weekend!

Philly Art Girl said...

DO WANT. How?! How did you acquire such a magical machine?? Also, sorry about your butt shot :/