Monday, September 05, 2011

Whoa long time no Movie Monday! We've been watching lots but it seems like it's already Tuesday by the time I remember :/  It'll be just is two in the house again soon and things will settle down...or something.

Last night Ed put on Troll Hunter. All I knew was, he said it's like The Blair Witch Project to which I literally cried," NOOO!". I didn't want anything to do with it,I guess what he meant was it's a fake documentary but he couldn't have chose worse words to describe it. Also anything "Troll" makes me think of Troll 2...Needless to say I thought I was in for something awful! 

I don't want to ruin anything for you( I hadn't seen any images and that made it that much better), so just watch it! I loved it and it totally brought back magical feelings of reading The BFG when I was little...t's done really really well. Here's the trailer if you want to take a peek.

Ed thought he read something about it being remade for the US but I think it actually just got a distribution deal. It's not like we haven't remade plenty of movie that we shouldn't have, but this really wouldn't have made sense since trolls aren't part of our folklore, but it got me thinking that a similar film with saquatch as the monster would be so awesome, especially if they were HUGE and scary :D

(Ingrid's magnets from Norway)


stina said...

Thats why I take my sundaytrip out by the seaside..and not in the forrest:):):)
Hug from Stina,Norway.

nova said...

That movie looks really good!