Wednesday, October 19, 2011

And our very exciting news is...

I guess it happened a little over a week ago. We were talking to Ed's mom about having a dog and then Ed said something like, he wasn't sure if he wanted a dog anymore...and I said neither was I. Maybe if we could have gotten one right away it would be different but waiting 2 years and going through another long game development I needed another baby now and well that's just the honest truth.

It's weird, i had already been having a few doubts about whether we would be good dog owners. Has it ever happened to you, where you get the chance to have something you thought you really really wanted and then you run the gamut of emotions and come out the other end not sure you want that thing? It happened to me maybe 4 years ago when we decided we were going to try and have a baby. I was elated and within 3 days knew I was completely not ready and maybe didn't even want to have kids...ever. It's weird how you can just not think about that stuff if you dont give your brain permission.

I had been noticing that neither Guppy or Moxie are as energetic as often as Tammy is and they dont like to snuggle with each other either, fourth cat seemed right. When we first got Tammy I promised no more cats! but as soon as we made an offer on the house I told Ed, "this is a 4 cat house!". He didnt disagree but said we'd have to wait until next year. Sooo I had already started talking to a new breeder on facebook that was so nice and shared photos of her kitties all the time, a real labor of love. I just knew she was who I wanted to go through if we got another cat.

Once we decided we would for sure not get a dog and fourth cat was on I emailed her to see what kitties she had available. She happened to have this little girl, who's original owner lost her job and wasn't able to buy her anymore :( I was so sad for that lady but happy at the chance to have this little cutie by possibly the same exact date we got Tammy last year! She is a tortoise shell Bambino , born on August 31st. I was so excited when I saw she was a tortie because I know 1, 2, 3 awesome ladies that are mamas to em. 

While Tammy is Marsha Brady the new baby will definitely be Jan *sigh* people think she's a dog when they see this pic :x So while she wont have Tammy's beauty she will make up for it with uniqueness.  I was not sold on the idea of a Bambino until we watched this video and saw that they do not in fact have back problems like dachshunds and can jump as high as a regular cat. I'm also happy that some of the clothes Tammy grew out of before she ever even got to wear them will get a chance to be worn. I've been calling her Tortellini and Ed calls her Cubby. I think that sounds way too similar to Guppy and want to stay away from a name ending in y, but of course we wont know till we meet her<3 Only 50+ days to go D:

Is this what you were expecting?! Do you know any Torties? Is it true what they say about "Tortie-tude"? Ed just loooves it when I say that word :x


Rachele said...

Congratulations! Me and the mister just watched the video about the bambino and were all smiles. They are so funny and energetic!

Lauren E. Douglas said...
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The Dainty Squid said...

Ahhh! Congrats!!! I can't wait to see tons and tons of pictures of this beautiful little kitty!

Krista said...

If I knew you wanted another kitten I would have sent you mine :) You are brave and live in the animal kingdom we have two cats and a dog and that is plenty. I am so much more a dog person, I like my cats alright but to me nothing beats my doggie.

Paula said...

congratulations!! such a little cutie! she'll bring so much joy to your life :)

cuppy said...

We're planning on getting a new baby soon too !!!!!

I'm waiting until the perfect "special needs" kitty comes around that we can add to our family. I want to give an older baby the love he/she deserves in their golden years :)

My torties (I've had 4 all together) have been the bestest most amazing girls EVER !!!! I love ALL cats but my torties have an extra special place in my heart <3

I cannot wait to see all the photos you'll post in the future !!!


Sarbear said...

Ah, congratulations! She's adorable! :)


Rae said...

she is so cute!! i want another baby to because it has been about a year but we've got three cats and two dogs now so we are full up for the moment.

Amy Seager said...

cute cute cute! enjoy! can't wait to see pics!
we have a house rabbit and a tortoise that we inherited from my grandad after he passed away!
I must post pics on my blog soon!

Have fun and enjoy your new kitty!

love from

meowypants said...

The exact same thing happened to me with the dog thing. When we could finally get one I just couldn't see it working. So cats and chickens and rabbits. Yay!

Erin Dawn said...

AWESOME NEWS!!! Congrats lady!!!!!

Elpoo said...

Oh how lovely!