Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Last week

This is actually from the week before last, our festive front "yard".

Tammy freshly bathed in her new houndstooth sweater >.<

Isaac stickers came in the mail!

We had a cat door installed on the litter room door(would be pantry). Has completely erased any foul odors! Tammy is a fan of not covering up her poop :/

On our way to TIG jam on Saturday.

My mom spent the night on Sunday. She made green curry chicken, we watched Adventure Time and caught up on Raising Hope :)

Got a hankering tonight to shave the back and sides of my head. I wanted to go much higher since I want to wear my hair piled on the top of my head but this was good compromise :3 I assured Ed that he could most definitely part and shave my head if he could put in feathers with crimp beads<3<3

last but not least a photo of our baby with her siblings from the weekend *wink*


Angie said...

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! Tammy is so freakin' adorable in her sweater!!! What a cutie!

Also, our kitty Wedge is also a fan of not covering up his kitty poo. I think he does try, but he scratches everything BUT the litter. :/

Sounds like a lovely weekend! Gorgeous front yard. ;) <3 Halloween!

Anonymous said...

whered you get that santa sangre poster

Sarbear said...

Love your hair! I think having shaved portions feel so nice. :)


TheLovelyHunter said...

that cat sweater is freaking awesome! and i have those exact same glasses! where did you get them?!