Saturday, November 19, 2011


Here's my 2nd little bjd , she's called...a "dollfactory pet ari popo"...I don't know much about these things yet, but I do know that I got a super good deal on her. I was wondering if she was going to feel any different than the cheap body that I bought (from my last post), the answer is yes! she's much much higher quality. Good to know if I ever decide to spend more on a doll.

I really just had to have her because she reminded me so much of Tammy :)
Sorry if my dolls creep you out! I definitely wouldn't sleep in the same room as my Blythes but I still love them<3 

Calico Critter dollhouse stuff is soooo cute!

Remember this girl?! Now she has eyes and hair!

What a difference!
The other night we had a Poltergeist marathon and played around with some Sculpey and glass eyes. I'm gonna paint my weird little doll in a minute :D I'll share as soon as she's done..if it looks any good that is.
I hope you're having a lovely weekend<3


nova said...

Oh no. No. No no no. No. I thought with eyes and hair it'd be less scary but it's the same scary.

Ashley Marie said...

oh my goodness that kitten figurine is amazing

one day I'll own a little hairless kitten... one day!

Courtney said...

That reminds me of dame darcy a bit!

Paula said...

tammy must be a bit irritated when she's that cute little doll, hah! dolls do creep me out, but these look rather beautiful! :)

Angie said...

Eeee! Your little kitty doll is so dang cute!!! Also, I'm not really that freaked around dolls. I guess dollies and stuffed animals make me feel safe n' cozy much like they did when I was a little girl. Jen and I sleep with several stuffed animals, each other and our kitties in bed quite often. :P

Also, good luck on your sculpted doll! How fun!!! :D

Loulou (Downtown) said...

Interesting. Such dolls are new to me but very fascinating. Love the funny picture of your cat with the doll!

JBG said...

katie has a bjd. it's kind of creepy.

i used to want one. sometimes i still do but i realize i want photo equipment more lol

Zeuh said...

This is my first comment here, even if I have regularily a look at your awesome work <3
I love it that you became interested in BJD ! Welcome to this world of madness =p (I own several dolls, and I made some too).
Maybe you could sculpt one? With your skills, it will certainely be amazing **