Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A good start

It seems anytime I get on track I get sick! My first sinus infection of the year, but it's finally over and I'm feeling much better. The bald babies have already had their yearly check up and we've got Cricket's spay scheduled for next month. I'm absolutely dreading that :/

Double appointment!

I think the last time i bleached and toned my hair was in August and I did it myself as I usually do but I knew I needed to start having my hairdresser do it so I can preserve the length. I've never paid to have my hair colored so I was feeling guilty for paying someone else to do it so i waited as long as I possibly could and once I was really feeling like a hobo i scheduled my appointment :D



In sewing news I've been working on a few brooches that I just love and some plush. I will hopefully list them in the new shop in a day or two.

see you soon.

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