Thursday, January 12, 2012

A good formspring question

I actually got a real question on my Formspring :x I thought it might be interesting to someone :)

Do you/have you had career aspirations of your own?

I don't understand the question and I wont respond to it.

Kidding, umm yes I have had several career aspirations. The first was when I was 19. I started working at a dog groomers as a bather and quickly started learning haircuts. I loved that job, it was the only one that i never wanted to call in sick to. By the end of my time there I was the head groomer/manager. Unfortunately the owner kind of sucked. The things about her that let me be on my own and learn so much were the business' undoing. I think she just didnt care anymore and I never found another place that felt the same or a place that provided all the tools you needed and we definitely didnt have the money for sets of shears and a clipper.

My second aspiration was to help children with disabilities. It seemed crazy to me that you could get paid for this job. I found out the reason why you get paid and why you will be underpaid. Nothing is worth the abuse that parents under extreme stress will put you through, not to mention the people that are above you who are also underpaid and also receiving abuse from these extremely litigious parents.

At the end of my time with the company I started with I had 3 years of hands on experience working with children and young adults with disabilities. The majority of my experience was with Autism, ranging from severe to very mild.

I applied at a school that was specifically for children with autism, and was denied because I had no secondary didnt matter what i had a degree in either which just blew me away. Why you would want someone that has maybe taken a class on something versus a person with hands on experience in ANY situation is beyond me. I'm not diagnosing anyone and i'm not performing surgery so fuck off with a degree is how I feel.

I started really not wanting to be in that line of work anymore. I felt like I was stuck because I was in my early 20s and it was what i was good at so why would I start all over in another field. I had started sewing plush about a year into my last job and all my spare time was spent at my machine. I stayed up too late and I was usually sketing in a notebook if time allowed at work. One day I had called in sick and worked on 2 comissions, I felt so good,like this is what I should be doing.

I worked at a few retail jobs, feeling like a huge loser, but still sewing on the side. After awhile I got a much coveted job with the school district, as an aid in classrooms with "typical" kids. Nothing annoyed me more than other peoples "normal" kids( I barely have patience with our niece and nephews), working with disabled kids who have such a struggle will do that to you.

After a few months i got .... let go. 3 years later I am willing to take responsibilty for it. I was totally over it and it was probably really obvious to everyone I worked with including the kids. Ed was now making enough off his work so that I could stay home and focus on sewing. And that's what I've been doing for the last 3 years. I'm super thankful that we were able to afford for me to stay home during Super Meat Boy's development otherwise our relationship defintely would have suffered. We can both stay up till 4am and wake up at 2pm, it's kind of my dream. I'm not that business minded so I'm not dreaming of opening a brick and mortar shop or selling at every fair I find, I just like to make stuff. Being creative makes me happy and that's what I get to do. What my career now is: Independent Plush Maker and Homemaker. I'm finally old enough to realize just how young I am and the future is pretty exciting, I wish more people would realize this for themselves.

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