Tuesday, January 24, 2012

'Indie Game: The Movie' goes to Sundance


(Tommy with the filmmakers, Jamie and Lisanne)

What a crazy weekend! Indie Game: The Movie had it's worldwide premiere at The Sundance Film Festival over the past few days. Its very surreal knowing that people are watching the most stressful time of our life, being moved to tears, or ooing and ahing when Ed proposes to me and when I get Tammy. I'm definitely looking forward to being at a screening and hearind and seeing the reactions of the audience.

Here are two of the first reviews I read:

If youre asking yourselves why we didnt go...well, we just arent ready to travel like that yet, we need to get our feet wet first. We had a really nice weekend at home though. The highlight for me was after we had lunch downtown on Saturday we went to a boutique because I've been looking for a really nice purse but Ed is totally against any popular designer brands like Coach, etc. I was hoping this store would have something well made that Ed wouldnt scoff at. There was a pretty good selection and I fell in love with a  leather bag made by Liebeskind. We both hadn't heard of it so I was good to go on that and I thought ok, Ed will come back at some point and get it for a gift....he says ok let's get it! He always surprises me, i really didnt expect that and we both totally looked like such bums that the people at the store probably didnt expect us to buy a thing. It definitely felt like a pretty woman moment except without anyone bein rude to me :D  I can't find a picture of my exact bag but it's big and black and has detail on the side like this one. So, we came to a nice compromise, I got my fancy purse and it's subtle enough for no one to notice it and embarrass Ed :P

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