Thursday, February 02, 2012

I am so excited!

 I am getting a whole new blog design from Rachele!! She designed my shop ad for her blog and right when I saw it i was like, "ya know what? let me leave this blog stuff to a pro". I love her style so I am so so excited to have a nice cohesive design. I was so surprised, around a month ago, I woke up super early and couldn't sleep, got on the computer to catch up with some blogs and I came across this post. I was very touched and really happy to see my new name :D

I immediately knew what photos she was referencing! 
My etsy shop is already a billion times happier :D

 In other news Cricket is home and resting comfortably. We found out she is very sensitive to anesthesia and must always have her blood pressure closely monitored while she is under. I am beyond glad we switched vets when we did! When we went to pick her up no one wanted her to leave and I'm wondering if someone was cuddling her the whole time because on the way home I smelled an odd smell and my lap was very warm. She peed ALL OVER me! Maybe she just relaxed when I was holding her... So far she's been sleeping all night except for getting up once and wandering around, i picked her up and put her by the litter box and she quickly stumbled in. Just a little more pee was all, I'm glad my fur mom instinct kicked in :) 

I am completely dragging's that time of the month where I am happy we live super close to an ice cream parlor.

I have way too many instagram photos of banana splits :x

Off to work after I heat up the ol Keurig<3

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