Monday, May 07, 2012

An Evening With Marylin: An Intimate Look at the Legend

In early February we were going all over town hanging up Indie Game: The Movie fliers and this one caught my eye. I don't know about your town but all that's ever advertised here are posters for reggae, yoga, surfing and other such things that don't interest us, so when I saw this and that we were the first town it was being shown in I was pretty excited.  We've never really dressed up and done something fancy plus I had recently read an unauthorized biography on MM and we had just seen My Week With Marilyn so Ed was all for it, he's pretty awesome at supporting whatever I am currently interested in ^_^

 We read on the flier that is was black tie optional...neither of us really knew what that meant. We decided to play it safe and get mildly fancy. The preparation involved: Getting my hair done, Ed got his hair professionally cut for the first time in 12 years, he shaved his goatee off (completely unprovoked by me) he regretted it almost immediately :( but at least it was neat to see his cute chin! Ed wore his regular black pants,a black button up shirt and we went shopping for a coat! Oh my goodness I love it so much I wish I could wear it, it's black corduroy. I wore a black maxi dress that I already had and bought a blue scarf/shawl?, I would have loved to have a matching pocket silk for Ed but we ran out of time. 

 We really had no idea what to expect. When we were getting frustrated tie shopping I decided to call the restaurant and find out exactly what their definition of black tie was. the guy on the phone told me basically as long as your wearing a shirt and shoes you're good...great! it was just put as an option for people that wanted to get really fancy. 

  We got there maybe an hour before dinner was supposed to be served and took photos for about 20 minutes, walked around and looked through the private collectors items. After looking through everything, her SAG card,scripts, receipts,clothing,cosmetics,books, to name a few, i felt a little depressed. We went to put our place cards down at our table and I told Ed we could leave if he wanted to :x He said he wasn't gonna pay that much to not eat dinner :D  If we drank waiting probably would have  been totally awesome since the booze was flowing quite freely.

Finally dinner starts...late! we sit by 2 older couple and 2 women. It was such a strange mix of people. There were people like the couples at our table who go to any benefit around and donate a bunch of money, one of the ladies had donated Macy's gift cards that were at every setting. I saw maybe 2 or 3 other couples that were our age and dressed nicely, the rest were there for drinks and basically a costume party.It was strange, I felt sort of out of place because I was taking it seriously. No one at our table was actually a fan or interested... After dinner, which was sadly super mediocre, comparable to a good TV dinner, we had desert and the collector started sharing a slideshow talking more in depth about the pieces that we had looked at earlier. I really enjoyed this part, I saw so much footage and pictures that I had never seen before. The only turd in the punch bowl was an extremely drunk women that oohed and aaaahd at every slide shown, except her ooohs sounded more like she was having an was funny but it was also really irritating because we had paid so much to be there. Two things I got from her, 1. A younger me would have got up with my adrenaline going crazy, told her to shut the fuck up and let's go outside...I kept totally calm and enjoyed myself  trying to pay as little attention to her as possible which was hard because she was one table away. 2. It made me so thankful that I chose to stop drinking. That could have easily been me, thinking how do you make a great night better? drink! drink so much you're wasted by the time the event starts,make a fool of yourself, and have zero memories of a once in a lifetime opportunity.

 Towards the end of the slide show I had to run to the bathroom and while I was in the stall a lady says,"he's still talking out there"....Ummm you mean the collector, the thing you paid to see? So weird right?

 My favorite part of the presentation was a photo of what he called his "she was here" piece. It was a photo of the cold cream we had seen earlier but it was opened and you could see her finger scoops. It was pretty bizarre. It was also really weird to be right next to her clothes and think, she was wearing these. I'm not even sure what my level of interest is, but I find it fascinating that this regular, probably crazy...most likely, crazy person turned into such an icon. 

If I could have changed one thing about the night it would have been to have the event in another city. The Chaminade has not been a nice restaurant since maybe the 80s, it would have been nice to have been in a swanky venue. All in all it was fun and we made a great memory. It might not have been our scene but at least it was for charity and I got to dress up and I had a hot date!

So I thought that little bumpy ball of butter was some sort of candy...and totally picked it up in front of everyone :x

This was the only picture I took before I was asked to not take pictures of the collection :/

I thought this lady looked awesome, not only was she fancy but she was even wearing green for St. Patrick's Day. These are the two couples we ended up sitting by...old money. You can just tell the blonde one was a bitch, but her husband was nice. Elizabeth Taylor lookalikes husband was walking dead I'm pretty sure >_<

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