Sunday, May 06, 2012

A Very Carbish Christmas

Haha what? I don't know. A few days ago we got a package in the mail from our friends in France. I knew something was coming but I had no idea what D: We couldnt have been more surprised and happy!

I recognize this paper!
You may be asking yourself what are those things, they're sheep obviously! I have grown to love this character so much, he can always make me laugh ^_^

This fly also makes me laugh, i need a Sheep and fly comic pronto!

Here's is Ed's reaction to his gift! Just look below and you can see why he is so excited.

Hahaha so awesome! every little bit of detail. One of the best parts is the ultra collector edition 1/1 that sure is rare O_O

Finally my very own sexual french sheep! Why is this so funny? I don't know but when I opened it I couldnt stop laughing. So perfect even down to the pink glitter pen. Thank you so much Carbish and Poppy<3

I'll leave you with this, a glittery pink poop that mom made. I call it a unicorn poop! Isn't it lovely? My mom is obsessed with making poop -_-

See you tomorrow with a post that should have been made in March!

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