Saturday, May 05, 2012

Happy Saturday!

Even though we were SO tired yesterday we still managed to stay up way too late and ended up sleeping in till 3:45pm! When we woke up we headed to Zoccolis of course! Here we are displaying powerful but small flip offs.

They have such good pastries @_@

 Ed informed me that this is how Ladybugs start out, I had no idea!

After lunch we headed over to my sister's house. They had just picked up their one day old chicks! My brother in law is building a huge chicken coop but they wont be ready for it for awhile. I knew they were going to be cute but oh my goodness they are so snuggly. I'm glad I can visit them whenever I want. The only thing that sort of creeped me out was their feet, i know that's weird but some people are freaked out by rat tails and stuff so i dunno :P
 This is Acacia's favorite, her name is Cheetah :D

 Apparently Eli was very upset by having all brown chicks so they got one yellow one that he named Snowy<3
 Gorgeous girl!
Snowy is the kind of chicken that's gonna have super fluffy feet :x Cover those things up!!

 Rascal is such a good boy<3

 cluster O'chicks

 They were so good was amazing O_O

Acacia has already mastered "duck lips" 
Cheetah on the grass. Acacia says that Cheetah is a princess and she is the most brave out of all the chicks.

 So Acacia has taken over my sister's Kindle to listed to audio books and the new Sookie Stackhouse book came out so she was going to read it on her phone but then Eli was playing PvZ on it...!! She had no idea that is was on XBLA! They downloaded the demo first and it was sooo cute to watch them play cooperatively. Acacia is good but Eli picks things up in video games so quickly, it's amazing to watch. As for Acacia she is amazing us with her reading skills, she read "neighbor" and I was like D:
She's also learning how to jump rope<3

I hope you had a lovely Saturday, see you tomorrow.

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