Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our yard, before and during

These are photos we took of the backyard before we even know if the house would be ours. You can see the previous owners didn't finish the landscaping and had a hot tub.

The area ^ that doesn't have flagstone is now grass but I somehow don't have a picture of that :/ but it looks great :)

(This was our first progress picture)

By the time we had moved in there were huge dandelion weeds covering that entire area. The landscaping is a bit odd since every house on our side of the culdesac had to have this gutter drain thing in order for the plans to be approved. There was a whole pile of flagstone left that was meant for the other top have of the yard that was just enough to put down there, also I think a lemon tree was moved down there.

We had 3 big planters put in where the hot tub had been and had our first go at planting zucchini, yellow squash,cucumbers and tomatoes.
we had no idea what we were doing or how much room we needed D: These things started getting huge and our landscaper offered to fix them for us, now they have more room and are all down the middle.

When we first moved in I had no idea what this this was for, newspaper holder? at some point I saw that our neighbors had too ^_^

It looked so nice for about 2 weeks until I kept forgetting to water it, also another change! we had brick put in where that bark stuff is. it was always soaked and covered in dryer lint since the vent is right there.

 we replaced them with succulents, since we're fans and hopefully I wont kill them! Those pearly ones are going to look so awesome when they start hanging out :)

The daisies also died immediately, this plant looked a little more hearty and there's my rubber tree that started out so little! The little purple plant is something that my friend Ingrid gave me, i'm not sure what it is but it's really pretty and I cant believe it has survived, when I brought it home the cats nearly destroyed  it before I got it planted. Oh and there's the brick, so much better!
We were taking a walk last week and found this little guy trying to warm up in the middle of someone's 
driveway. Ed picked him up and we took him to our backyard, hopefully he was a little bit safer while he got warm.

lookit those useless little arms, the look like they'd pop right off :x 

Here's our little succulent garden, we're slowly adding to it.

yesterday I saw this little flower bug poking out and when I went out to water today it looked like this ^_^ 

Finally starting to produce!!

We'll definitely buy plants instead of seeds next time, it's taken soooo long!

The mushroom had a good overnight soak in a bucket.

^we took this one from a plant by one of our favorite restaurants and it's doing well!

These two we picked up the coast and we didn't think they would survive at first but now they're looking great.

We've had fun doing homeowner stuff this past year. At some point i'll do some before and afters of the inside of the house but I'll have to clean first  :)

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Katya said...

Lovely garden! Great pix.