Sunday, October 07, 2012

The past 2 weeks via my phone

Oh heeeey... my roots were way overdue for a bleaching. Dig my awesome WoTL shirt designed by Ed!

Ed always comes in towards the end of my appointment and we have big laughs with my hairstylist, Jonelle, they went to high school together. She is hilarious!

 The only time my hair is ever straight is when I leave Jonelle's, I don't have the patience.

The perfect time to try on my horn and ears from Yaya Han! MLP: FIM foreveeeeer!

We were watching Arrested Development for the billionth time and the Bluthe bananas sounded so good! We tried to make the banana ice cream everyone's been blogging. We froze bananas for a few hours and I made some soy milk ice cubes, added peanut butter and a hot chocolate packet. It was super delicious but very soupy :/

Lisanne and Jamie came over for a few days to film some followups for the special edition dvds.

On Friday the 21st right after L & J had finished setting up and were ready to film, which was also an hour after Ed had got his new higher dose allergy immunotherapy shot, he started getting short of breath and breaking out in hives. We rushed over to the allergy Dr. which is right next to the ER but i forgot benadryl in the rush and i wasnt sure if the ER would give it to him right away. I will also add that I had the epipen in hand ready to go the whole time.

See! They watched him for awhile and gave him some benadryl but he didnt seem to be getting better so luckily the nurse gave him the epipen and I didnt have to do it D: 

Ed didnt believe the epipen went in so he had to look at his leg, yep. Poor bub, he hasnt got his weekly shot in 2 weeks because it was such a traumatic experience :(

My mom moved into her own place last month, it's awesome and right by the beach. Every time she comes over Cricket gets so excited! she will on her for hours at a time<3

sliced peaches from mom

working on my Plush You 2012 submissions

I did messy lil french knots to create the look of barnacles :)

The finished Mercats!

sun worshipers

It's so hard to take a nap with this lil piggy ^__^

Tammy has been such a love bug, always wanting in my sweatshirt.

One of Ed's dinners. Whole grain english muffins are sooo good!

This was so completely awesome!

My back was getting so sore working with her in my sweatshirt every night that I decided to buy a sling.
Pictures below :D

Tommy fiiiiinally gave me my birthday present, AppleJack fashion pony! ^___^

I've been trying to work out somewhat regularly *sigh* it's always a struggle.

I made a big batch of veggie soup that we've almost finished and we finished a giant bag of broccoli from costco so that's pretty good :)

Here's Tammy in her sling/wrap thing. She loves it and it makes doing stuff while snuggling her so much easier!

Indie Game: The Movie came out on Netflix. It's so weird how many people are seeing it now for the first time. 

Sometimes I get out of bed early and lay on the couch so I dont wake Ed up while I toss and turn turn trying to get comfortable. I always get quality kitty snuggles when I do that<3

Anniversary present from Ed O__O

I made two lil guys for fun the other night, a bunny and hamster.

so cool!

We had friends over to play magic last night and a friend of a friend had a baby in late July so I whipped up a little leo inspired plush for him.

face swap w/tommy
face swap w/scott

face swap w/bruce

Laura keeping warm in my new rainbowdash robe :3

Also very intimidating!

Around 3 or 4am we played the best game of telestrations! so funny, it works so much better when you make up your own "secret word".

Tommy loves forever21 !

Me and Laura spent about 2 hours in the Forever21 that just opened downtown. We had so much fun! I dont think there is anyone else I could have shopped with that would have been as excited as me about cute cheap jewelry :D

While we were shopping I spotted these shirts that I couldn't pass up for a future Team Meat photo shoot :x
So bitchin!

George: Laura, you blinked...

We're such old chums<3

It's been a busy busy 2 weeks with lots of work,cleaning, and shipping in between *yawn*