Tuesday, October 09, 2012

We ate Denny's with no regrets

Last night we went to Denny's for the first time in years...like 6 years maybe more! Get this though, the food was fresh and HELLA good!

Today when we woke up we thought we'd explore a little. We are inching out and getting out more so that soon we'll be comfortable enough to travel. We headed to Newark, it's about an hour away. We heard the Newpark mall had some good toy stores >_>

desolate freeway!

I love an empty parking lot, it's a good sign.

This was the view right when we walked in the door, so dead!!

I had the whole Sanrio to myself!! and Ed spotted this giant Jigglypuff! Instabuy! If I worked there I would take a mr. clean eraser to that door stat!

neat little diorama!

I wish I could have gotten a clearer photo of this smurf village but my camera was being shitty all day. I thought the battery was fully charged but it was almost dead when I popped it in, then had to use the my phone the rest of the day :/

Ed spent soooo long in here, he reeeeally wanted to buy something but ended up only getting 4 muscle men which is pretty good considering we have 200+. He spent so long in here that i went to hot topic and found a sweet long sleeved chococat shirt that ive never seen before that was on clearance and 75% off. I was so sad at first I could only find xs and then the there was one tucked away BAM XL!! yay! I also picked up a buncha cute bow headbands and claires. It was so awesome it really felt like we had the entire mall to ourselves.

We needed a lil pick me up so we got a bubble tea and the guy was so super nice he made a green tea milkshake special ^__^
The tops of these are so cool! I want all of my drinks to be sealed!

I was so tired when we got home i pointed at this pic and said "look at that laugh" :3 It's so cute and strange.

so many cute salt and pepper caddies but ridiculously priced for such cheesy stuff!

I had to get pics of these for my mom :D
Where would you put something like this!?

If only I had some place to put this!

On our way to Golfland, the last photo before the camera died.

The most fun looking bathroom entrance ever! Why is that dragon's nostril so big??

Mini golf was so much fun! I've never seriously played. I didnt really understand how the scoring worked till we played golden t on our mame arcade.

I rule at skeeball!

OMG can I put him in pageants please!? <3<3<3

There should be some crosses no? 

photo for mom, a giant whoopee cushion!

that made me laugh...also handcuffs...

We got punchy things and a bowling set!

We had so much fun, it felt like we hadn't been out in forever!