Thursday, May 23, 2013

A green smoothie I actually like

Since I've been on a low glycemic index eating plan for the past almost 3 months(wow!), I have found that trying to fit veggies into every meal can get a lil tedious. I eat about 5 lbs of spinach a week and that's just a big steamed clump under whatever I may be eating, a whole wheat chicken enchilada for example.I knew I was gonna need to start incorporating smoothies/juicing into my diet soon to conveniently get even more veggies in. Last week I decided to give a green smoothie a go and I was determined to suck it down no matter what it tasted like, but to my complete surprise it was delicious!! I happily drank it and have made it a bunch since.

My green smoothie:
Tons of spinach, my vitamix was getting too full with just the spinach so I blended it a little to make more room. kale,half a cucumber,1 cup of frozen blueberries,about a cup of plain soymilk, and one scoop of vanilla bean flavored plantfusion. It's super tasty and sweet but I'm not sure if it tastes like that to me because I dont really eat any sugar...and I happen to like stevia. The mistake I used to make was adding greek yogurt , dont do that.

I'll start working on a post of how and why I started this eating plan, because it's pretty much changed my quality of life(seriously) :)


Henderson said...

Please explain all about it, I need help!

Tiffany Tank said...

How much kale do you use??