Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The past few weeks through Instragram

I was looking through my post list and I have at least 4 drafts that I haven't published :x One is from a trip to Monterey last November! I'll catch up at some point.

Photo info

1. Pretty cool considering I've *only* lost 12lbs! #incheslost #fitspo #weightloss #health, 2. *surprisingly drinkable!!* spinach,kale,frozen blueberries, vanilla bean plantfusion protein powder, cucumber, soy milk. Yummy! #greensmoothie #weightloss #health, 3. Good enough after this dog buns day! 20min walking,10 min rowing, a couple minutes of arm weights #getfitgirls, 4. Lunch// broccoli, tofu and half a small yam :) trying to get more veggies in than the usual 2 cups of steamed spinach. #weightloss #health, 5. @supershigi helped me put the contacts I got in SF in! I feel like a blythe!, 6. New favorite shirt from!! @linzinator sickforcute.com, 7. Before! #nailpolish, 8. After! Fit everything except for the few gel polishes that I have and all my mini Essies! #nailpolish, 9. I love it in here <3 data-blogger-escaped-a="">, 10. Before//I had no idea what this was going to turn into, it pretty much looked like a penis, even more so before I cut some of the length off :x after I played around with pompom placement he revealed himself to me!, 11. After// *pat pat* He's a little poodle guy! Still working on accessories for him :D, 12. Soakin it up, 13. Queen of the castle <3 data-blogger-escaped-a="">, 14. I love these lil suction hooks I found on eBay! My room is seriously coming together ^___^ Ed just needs to put the doors on the sideboard and I need to start washing and ironing all my fabric D:, 15. Best husband everrrr! I will have a sideboard soon and my room will be complete!!, 16. Funny how the first two pair of eyes I took out were like pulling teeth! Now they just pop out! #customblythe #blythe, 17. My best carve yet! #blythe #customblythe, 18. Cutest #blythe shoes evaaaar!!, 19. I'm way too excited about these shirts I got custom made on Etsy!, 20. Alaska's new face and another pair of awesome eye chips from @jessee_artschooldropout The mismatch was a happy accident, at first I was so bummed that I messed one of the scissor eyes up but I really like this combo ^___^, 21. Carla's beautiful new black glitter eyechips from @jessee_artschooldropout , I redid her makeup and I just love her!!, 22. RuPaul is busting out of barbie's clothes ^___^, 23. Best mom eveeeer, 24. Trying to wake up at breakfast this morning, good god... We do not enjoy San Francisco D:, 25. I forgot to mention that we're in SF to celebrate our 8year wedding anniversary, it was actually on Sunday but we spent the day going to the flea market and watching 5 hours of dragrace with @supershigi and George ^___^


Michelle said...

Love your before and after nail polishes - inspiring! xo

Cesar R. said...

Wow, I haven't seen you in a long time, Danielle.

I used to check out your meangirl blog; it was meangirl, right? And Ed had thisisacryforhelp, or something.

Nice to see you two are still together after so many years.

Grumpy cat hat = win!