Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ugh Fanime

Friday while Ed was playing magic I was prepping all our figure stock for Fanime. We hadn't planned on going but the guys at Level Up Studios who sell a bunch of our merch asked if we'd like to come so I figured why not take the opportunity to unload some stock. I wasn't planning on dressing up until the day before when I remembered my pony ears and horn! 

Here I am serving up some unicorn realness :)

I spotted George and Laura's friend, Jamie, who was appropriately dressed as a peashooter!
I pretty much hated Fanime from the moment we got there. It was especially awesome when I was suuuurounded by people and no one could open the effing door for me while I dragged in the tub of figures (Ed dropped me off outside the building and was parking). Anyway yeah I did not enjoy myself one bit, we hardly sold a thing, and all anyone wanted was this cheap piece of shit. I had forgot one of the main reasons I don't like to sell in person, selling handmade work to people who don't seem to differentiate between something that is handmade and mass produced is so irritating. Don't get me wrong, I love mass produced stuff I bought a bunch of crap myself, but I show appropriate respect to people who are selling handmade goods. Also I got stuck in a group of smelly people dancing to Gangnam Style....I'm sorry that Famine wasnt closer to when this song first came out BUT PEOPLE it's over!! STAAAAHHHHPPP!! 

While I was waiting for Ed to get the car I took a picture of Loki while she waited for her friend Belle...

...who was talking to her friend Belle.

This pony was ready to go home!

Ed found a sweet Guile figure!

Ok, I enjoyed myself a little bit, I got a bunch of cute mlp shirts at one stall and this super sweet Tokidoki Unicorno hoodie! I spotted a guy wearing a Grumpy Cat hat and he kindly showed me where to find them. I love it so much! It's so cozy, I fell asleep in it right after I took this picture.

Once the clock struck midnight I refreshed Netflix AND THERE IT WAS!! Arrested Development season 4! We watched 3 episodes before we got too sleepy. When I woke up this morning I still felt sooo tired, my right arm is wrecked from carrying the tub with Ed and for some reason my left calf D: So today was spent on the couch watching more AD and sleeping. I finally started feeling awake like an hour ago, only to realize that there's NO Game of Thrones tonight...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I don't mean to be TV greedy but fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

Oh well, he're the cute junk I got.
Freaking adorable Alpacas! I think the big ones are knock offs :3 I wish they were all made out of the material the littlest ones are made of, that new stuffed animal fur is so cheapy :/

Whaaaat!? Pirate Alpacas!! yessssssssss!!

and then these 2 charming fellows ^__^

I could not resist these super cute bows!

The woman who made my pony ears and horn was selling there so I picked up curly horns and kitty ears! Her name is Yaya Han and she's a serious cosplayer, my favorite is her Rarity.

And here is a better photo of my prized Grumpy Cat hat<3 I don't remember what the booth was called and I tried looking them up on Ebay and Etsy But I dont see this exact hat (which was only $20 a steal).
Friday night when Ed got home from Magic we went to see Kylesa which I was super excited about because they have a legit female singer and lead guitarist, so badass. When we found out there was not 2 but 3 opening bands we decided it would be safe to get coffee. I'm not super into seeing opening bands, I know that's bad but I don't even like going to shows so I really just wanna see the main act and get home. Anyway on the way back from starbucks I hear a flute playing and think, what is this sorcery??!! We hurry inside to see this completely awesome band Blood Ceremony.  I'm so glad we saw them because I loved their set so much<3<3<3 Check out those bands if you're into sludge metal and/or 70s occult stoner rock, haha you're proooobably not but just in case :3

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Jewel ciappio said...

Aww... I wish I knew you would have to go, I would have sent trinity with you to help out and keep you entertained. She was there Saturday, and loves the cons... :)