Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Animal Crossing // Present & Past

As soon as we woke up on Sunday we went to the mall to pick up our copies. I had been looking forward to this release so much! almost as much as when it first came out for the GameCube in 2002.

 Here is my character going to visit Ed's town :x

 Here's Ed being sassy with a lil flower in his hair showing off a lightning bug.

 This morning my shop had this hockey mask in stock so of course I had to get it for Ed :)

 Today I am wearing a pilots cap, curly mustache, and my towns flag design!

 I love my  little house so far! Ed gave me the balloon chair and I happened to get the balloon dog lamp today from a present that was attached to a balloon!

 The museum looks so cool this time, especially the aquarium! Look at that silly flounder :3


 Insect area

Admiring my find of the skull of a plesiosaur.

I love this game so much and I super love my new 3ds. Ed suggested I download Link's Awakening so I'll be playing that too.

I went back to my old livejournal and found the posts from when Animal Crossing came out. I still remember sitting at the computer in our first apartment and reading the daily diary type entries that a guy on IGN was doing as his review. It sounded so amazing! I hadnt been that excited since I was 11, I had stayed home sick and was watching Good Morning America and there was a segment on these crazy new toys from Japan...TAMAGOTCHI!! They were ALL I could think about, I immediately called a bunch of toy stores and found one that was getting a shipment and I was there that day. Of course they weren't as amazing as the segment made them sound but I loved it sooo much!

Anyway here are some lil pieces of posts from almost 11 years ago!

[06 Sep 2002|09:57pm]
" i found out blockbuster got the game I've been wanting for like a year today (animal crossing for the gamecube, basically a really vast vast sim that you can play for a year and keep finding new things, i could go on and on about it but there's too much stufff) so I'm going to rent it till it comes out on the 17th or 18 then just use the memory card I'm using now if that makes any sense..."

[11 Sep 2002|12:28am]
"...then when i got home i watered my plants, fed guppy, and sat down to relax and play my ultra super cool game !!!! oh i love it! its everything i thought it would be :) nobody listened to me for the year i was talking about it , now everyone wants one. and what is super cool is that Sarah bought a game cube and is renting the game too, till it comes out. so she came over tonight and we went to each others towns and traded our native fruits and such, she has different animals in her town, and the setup is a lot different, very cool ! also she found me a Big grey mermaid statue :) how freakin cool is that? right now in my house, i have a carpet that is half an orange, a watermelon table, watermelon chair, frog chair, a pink frilly vanity, and matching table, a red chair and matching sofa, a retro stereo, a kiddie dresser set, a pink wobbelina, and a weeping fig tree, that's all that will really fit till i pay off my 148,000 loan, then once i pay that off the dude will remodel my house and ill get a basement :) i should be able to pay that off in the 2 days i have off. i have tomorrow off..........my plans are to play with guppy, put the monster pile of clothes away, play my game, also Sarah's coming over so we are going to go to each others islands via my Game boy advanced and the link cable. I've already been to mine, there is a weird sort of beatnik blue bird and some Hawaiian shirts that i took and a bunch of coconuts that are worth lots in my town...........oh how i love you animal crossing : ) also we got a fishing pole today so we've been catching lots of fish , and since it stopped raining I've been able to catch lots of bugs, , and if you decide to drop one in your house it automatically goes into a little critter carrier or aquarium complete with plants, depending on whether its fish or insects. anyway enough about my great game!"

[13 Sep 2002|12:47pm]
 "Last night in the game the weird fox guy showed up with his insanely priced stuff in a booth and we all got NES systems, he was selling it for 12,000 bell, so Sarah bought it and we are ordering them for 3,000 bell"

It's so funny to look back on those posts, it feels like yesterday<3


Molly Skywalker said...

HI! I'm so excited for the release of Animal Crossing! it's out on Friday here in Australia. I wish we were getting the Animal Crossing DS! it's so pretty!!!!!
How did you take the screenshots? I want to be able to blog about my town too :D

Angie Bailey said...

*sobs loudly* Animal Crossing is why I even bought the GameCube and later on, Jen and I had our little Nintendo DS' and 3DS so we could play and we both got so addicted and loved 'tis so. I'd pretty much doing just about anything to have another Nintendo system (and Xbox) so we could play our favorite games. I am truly hoping my sisters send lots of birthday money (they often do) so we can play again. x.x

I don't know how big you are into the Xbox and I know the opinion on the X1 is varied right now, but both Halo AND Star Wars Battlefront is coming back. Eeee!

William David said...

Can't wait to play Animal Crossing New Leaf and write dirty ads for Tom Nook on the announcement board of my village :)

By the way, here is my own Friend Code : http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/833/codeami.jpg/