Thursday, July 25, 2013

I'm still alive

Our schedule is back to waking up super late again but luckily it's light out till like 8:30 pm so we get a few hours of light...though we haven't really been getting out...anyway we went up the coast after lunch to see if we could find some sea glass.

Right  when we got there I had to pee! There are 2 bathrooms there, basically 2 steel outhouses. Usually it's pretty clean and I think there was even toilet paper once. i was armed with a couple kleenex but to my horror there was...poo all over, i reluctantly checked the other stall and it looked like this:

I noticed when putting together my latest Lego Friends set tonight that I could recreate what I had seen :| Oh well, I peed by the car.

You can kinda see my pained expression here, I actually whipped my butt! It was painful.


 Yesterday I tried to fix this wall a bit. We had to rearrange once we got that amazing Ren and Stimpy painting by Alex Pardee.

Some nights Ed will be in the middle of a magic game so he'll take his laptop upstairs and I'll take a bath and Tammy will alternate between mewing at me and sitting on Ed.

I'll be back soon to recap July >_>


Angie Bailey said...

Bahahaha, I love this. I'm so glad you're back!!! When I worked a seasonal job, I actually cleaned stalls. Despite people being disgusting, the job was strangely soothing. I have a hard time cleaning my own home, but no problem cleaning other people's messes! However, on a road trip to pick up our trailer, I went into a gas station bathroom at like 3am and the bathroom itself was all bloody, ahhhh! So scary. Yeah.

Tammy is so cute!

Krista Gassib said...

I loved glass beach up by Fort Bragg I used to drive up every summer I stayed with my Dad in SF. I hope you found treasure. Loving the new color and the whipping photo, you guys know how to have fun! Here is to long warm summer nights, LOVE THEM!

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