Saturday, July 27, 2013

Happy Caturday // Mango Hat

I sat down to eat a mango and Ed asked if I ever cut into cubes, which I dont usually do but I tried it and then I ended up with the perfect hat for Cricket! It might have gone better if she didnt just want to eat it the whole time. She is crazy for fruit! we cant leave any kinda berries in the counter or table because she will ea them and then squish a few on the floor too.

I couldnt get it on Tammy's head but It kinda looks like a turtle shell.

Moxie was in Ed's office but there's no way she would ever let a mango touch her anyway.

The most willing participant was Guppy. I wish you could have seen him put his front paws out and lurch is head forward flipping the mango onto the floor :)

p.s. Guppy is involved in a secret project related to BOI: Rebirth, I'm so proud!


Krista Gassib said...

A cat that eats fruit? That is pretty friggin weird and pretty friggin cool!

ngocmai said...

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