Friday, August 09, 2013

Things that are swirling around my head lately...

  Turning 29 is weird. It's like I'm turning 30 but i'm not, it's like it's a big deal... but it's not... because it's not ACTUALLY 30... There's that and then all the usual birthday junk, did I do enough this year? what am I doing?! etc.

This Summer has gone by so fast. I totally thought I would get a July wrap up post done and look it's already August 9th! So lame considering last month I really enjoyed going though my old posts and was able to figure out that almost every July as early as 2001 i have the same physical ailments and hormone crap, I feel miserable and try to get off birth control for a month or so. It's so weird that something like that could happen so often and we never would have put it together. It's not like it helped anything but it's nice to know that basically the same thing has been going on for a long time and I'm not dead.

 I can pretty much sum up June, Animal Crossing. As quickly as I became obsessed I lost interest :( So sad, I remember the last day I played  I was just like uuuungh do I really wanna cross the train tracks and see what's in the stores? No, not a good sign. So unfortunate :/ I'm not sure what it was, I guess it was hard because there was never a town open for me so I was basically playing solo which was fine but once I got to a certain level there was just so much grinding and not enough new items showing up but for the month that I played, I really loved it!

The things of note that happened in July were (this is where instagram comes in handy):

 I don't know how we knew George and Laura for over a year without knowing that they watch most things in bed from a little projector. This is quite possibly the best thing ever. Now that we've had it for over a month I can say that it's honestly changed our bedroom. It's so fun! it's like the drive in every nigh. we're really serious about it too, we got a dvd shelf for the room and it's full of movies deemed worthy for the ceiling.  If you're curious about the setup these are the 4 things we ordered from amazon: dvd player, projector, speaker, tripod.

There was a lil teeny "where are they now" in Game Informer which was cool but what's super awesome is this!
Indie Game: The Movie - Special Edition from IndieGame: The Movie on Vimeo.
There is seriously so much footage you guys! Obviously my favorite extra would be my part where I talk about the cats ^__^ but I really love the piece on The Binding of Isaac, When I was watching it I was like,Yes! This is why people love him! I feel very lucky to be a part of Ed's career and see how it unfolds and evolves because I always knew he would be very important! and believe me there are such exciting things going on right now with Team Meat that sometimes I stop and think wow this could be a really big historically for art and video games. I'll stop fangirling but seriously there's so much more great footage and stories from James and Lisanne here! also if you buy the physical edition Ed designed the cover art.

We saw Palms! It was awesome, Slim's is pretty much my favorite venue because I'm the most comfortable there. We have been fortunate enough to be invited backstage the past two shows so I can stand where I dont worry about being bumped. It was pretty damn surreal to be hanging out with members of Isis and Chino Moreno!

Steam has this new trading card thing, i dont totally get it but I have my own so that is pretty cool! and look you can have a lil Tammy emoticon D: So I guess If you buy IGTM on steam you might acquire one of these cards at some point, i think it's kinda an elaborate system...or maybe it's not at all. Any way! I'm just so happy to have been included and have an artist draw me and Tammy and Cricket<3 I had no idea that it was gonna happen.

One night I whipped up a little Mew-Genics art ^__^

My papa built Pickle a new cage, he/she is gonna get even bigger now.

Here it is after me and mom furnished it. The cage was sitting in it for about a week for her to get used to it, now she goes around and  lays on every piece of wood.

And then this adorable moment happened. They are so funny together!

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Krista Gassib said...

Happy Birthday doll! I think the good news here is once you hit 30 at least for me, you quit caring about these mile stones. So much cool stuff in one post! I can't play video games in the summer so I'm impresses you stayed at it at all, your trading card rules same with being back stage at shows, and I'm happy you guys are continuing to have great success!