Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Drama queen

I could not sleep last night, despite that I still got up when the alarm went off at 12:30. I made lunch and we played some Call of Duty till it was time to pick Acacia up.

 Ed asking if the "soft skin" feature was still on the camera. I took this pic last night to show him, so preshie!^__^

 My two beardies<3

Tammy directly behind us, really wants to taste Porkchop!

A baby grumpus

I love that lil baldy chin.

Last week we signed Acacia up for a 6 month long drama workshop. I was so excited to see something open that wasnt just over summer. Today was her first day! I navigated us to the wrong venue on the other side of town...we got there 30 min late but she walked into the little theatre with no hesitation. I brought a book assuming Ed would drop us and pick us up but oh my god! no parents! (or aunties and uncles in our case) She was totally fine! I said, "I love you" and she looked at me and responded with a very matter of fact, I love you too", and we left. I savored that moment realizing I could have embarrassed her (relieved I didnt) but no matter how grown up she seems she is still only 7 and showing affection isnt embarrassing yet. 

I talked to the teacher for a second and then looked for her in the group of kids and couldnt find her because she was the shortest one and I was looking for my big kid, she did tell us later that she is not the shortest kid in the class! I think this will be a great experience for her, she is so bright, curious, and willful hopefully theater is the perfect outlet for her...aaaand I just want to add that she is in 2nd grade and reading on a 5-6th grade level so she will definitely be able to hold her own.

 we got there about 5 minutes before the class let out and snuck in the back. They were drawing characters and we heard her say, " I named him Garbage!" loool 

 I took this pic before she realized we were there, she was very intently writing something at length. She told us later she was asking about how full the theater would be when they performed because she is afraid of having stage fright XD

This is the face of a very fulfilled girl! (taken with my phone obvs)

 we came home and I put Totoro on for her, she had only seen a lil bit of it at a friends house, every time I looked over at her she was smiling and laughing...

...cuddling with a kiki

 Tammy following me to the kitchen of course.

 Ed playing an MTG draft, those isaac stickers were lovingly placed on his laptop by Dusty.

 Tam trying to get in on the cuddles but how can she enjoy herself if Cricket is already there?!

and lastly Guppy gives no fucks, he is snoring as I type this.

So far photo taking/blogging is going well. I think Ed even appreciates it more, definitely more patient, since he's realized that we have no idea what small good forgettable things happened this past year :)


keri said...

I love your blog...a lot.


Taryn said...

i love tammy! the "do you even lift" picture on instagram KILLS me! it's going to take some convincing but i'm going to copy and get me a hairless cat one of these days.