Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday Blech

What a majestic beast! it's hard to believe that this photo was taken less than 2 months ago!

 Sharp nails!

 I don't think Tammy actually "sees" her, only her tail  ^__^

 We took a walk. It was surprisingly warm for how grey and cold it was, totes makes us think "earthquake weather" said in strange hillbilly voice.

 I saw this weird thing on the ground.

 When we got back from our walk this bad boy was looking guilty. Not sure what go into him since he is not a paper/paper product destroyer. Right after I took that photo he ran to his scratchy  lounge like a maniac, see photo below.

 My familiar<3

 The hoglett looking for a blanky to get under.

Cricket, sleeping and being adorable 24/7

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