Sunday, December 30, 2007

Lauren visits!

Sooo Friday night Lauren came to visit. First we went to the fabric store! Then we went downtown and got coffee, I gave her a little tour of the outdoor mall and luckily we weren't accosted by any homeless people. We met up with Bridget and she talked us into eating Indian food...not so good. We stopped by the liquor store and got tiny bottles of flavored vodka since the bar we were going to only served beer and Lauren hates beer :/ Luckily they've started serving margaritas. Any who we got to the bar and sneaked in the bathroom *gulp* After that I dunno what happened....I called some guy a douche that used to work at longs. I knew I recognized him from somewhere, he was rude to me when I was shipping stuff and Ed gave him a talking to. Haha i embarrassed him in front of his equally uncool friends!! There's really no stopping me once I've started!!

By the end of our time at the bar we were referring to each other by our online moniker's and informing people about soft sculpture. We are plush snobs :)

Once we we're finished there the best husband ever took us to taco bell and dealt with our silliness. I sobered up around the time Bridget left and we played rock band until falling asleep.

I woke up around 10 am but was planning on going back to sleep. When I walked into the living room i totally expected Lauren to be asleep but she was wiiiiide awake. SHe had been up for an hour, i feel like such a bad host.We looked through etsy and gossiped about the plush scene then headed to my favorite place for breakfast, where Lauren cursed in front of several old ladies and children and almost got us thrown out!! :)

All in all I had tons of fun and I'm so sad we didn't hang out sooner.

She's even more precious in person!

it tasted pretty vanilla-y but hey it's still vodka...blech!

Bathroom shots!

Me and my BeezY!

She said she doesn't like beer!! one of the many things I found out about Lauren in our time together is she's a compulsive liar and a beer enthusiast.

We look hospitable right?

grapefruits or lemons? you decide.

Representin' plush yo!..........Ewww whose hat is that!!??

This is what it looks like when people are making fun of you while you're on the phone with your loooverboy!!

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