Thursday, May 15, 2008

Meeting Augusten Burroughs!!

Meeting Augusten Burroughs!

Yay!!! Last Sunday my manager was nice enough to let me take my lunch a half hour early so I could make it on time to meet Augusten Burroughs and get a book signed. I also got the book I was borrowing from my sister signed to her "Happy Mother's Day" :) I would have loved to hear him speak, but oh well.

He was so awesome and wonderful but I didn't get a chance to ask/say anything because I was reeeeally nervous!

I was in the middle of Possible Side Effects on Friday when Ed spotted his name on the marquee at the book cafe so it was a little nerve wracking meeting this person who's voice has been in my head every night before I go to bed for the past week. I wasn't even going to go for awhile because the idea of meeting him was giving me so much anxiety. I really owe Ed for calling to see when the signing started, going home, picking up a book and the camera, and getting me from work in time<3

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USV said...

how cute! I love, love him!