Thursday, April 22, 2010

A very happy anniversary!

I had a completely wonderful day<3 I dunno if you have ever been married to a guy who is making a game for 3 major platforms with just one other guy, but it's kinda crazy and you don't really leave the house much. I have 0 expectations for any romantic holidays while this game is being made. We stayed up super late and didn't sleep much so I figured we would stay home and maybe go out to dinner later, but after lunch Ed felt pretty good sooo....we went to the fabric store! Then to 3 other stores...and he is the one that suggested this! Ed NEVER goes into clothing stores with me EVER, which is fine but it's so nice to have your guy just with you and not antsy at all... and I snagged a cute hello kitty shirt! We drove around looking at houses, which is kinda fun because we might be buying one in the near future, and went to the beach. Later on we went to sushi and came home aand watched a ridiculous show about people living "off the grid", but mostly we just got to talk all day without a computer between us. It was so nice to have Ed all to myself, I can't wait till super meat boy is done so we can live a little :)

p.s. There's a giveaway at A Beautiful Mess where you can win some cute stuff including a Luff Bird and a Nerdy Owl Brooch made by me. Just click HERE, leave a comment and you're entered!

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