Saturday, April 30, 2011

13 hours to go :x

The movers will be here in 13 hours! We did A TON today, our rental is completely cleared out except for big stuff and we ended up being able to fit more in the prius than we thought we could so we're kinda like a mover's dream. This is the last night we'll be sleeping here...tomorrow we'll be sleeping in our home, sooo wierd.

The backyard is coming together and should be lookin pretty swell by next week.

  I wanna eat this thing!
We stopped by the fabric store to get some outblack to sew to the back of our curtains. The ones we bought claim to be black out but they arent *sigh*. Then for fun I got enough of this laminated? canvas to make some oval place mats and coasters :D

We wont have any internet access until Tuesday I believe but I'll be updating a bit on flickr and twitter.
See you soon!

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