Monday, May 02, 2011

Moved in

Just a quick,mostly phone pics post because I'm still super tired and not nearly caught up on sleep yet. We love love love our home. It's feels extremely comfortable, i feel like I've always lived here and it's only our third night. The only small hiccup is something is up with the water heater so I haven't been able to enjoy the ginormous bathtub yet(it might be fixed). We should have internet tomorrow and then I can upload a few "real" photos of the kitties :)

 My mother in law brought us two of these beautiful seahorse candle holders. I promptly put them on our new dining table. The table is so lovely, real pics of it soon.

 Progress is being made in the yard!

 Ed got a big ol box of Jack Chick comics in the mail today, did you know that Satan is the spiritual father of humanity!!?? There are lots of fun facts in these full color pages. One thing I know for sure is it's definitely a sin to be this tasty ;)

 Lookit these 2 sun worshipers<3 All the babies have adjusted so well, no hiding at all, only exploring the minute they got in the house. We've been surprised at how great Guppy has done the past two moves since in most other aspect he's pretty nervous. We stopped to count and Guppy has actually lived in 7 different places in his eight and half years!

I'll leave you with 2, what we are calling, Full House derps. These girls really started making some crazy faces in the last season. We have 3 more discs and are on the lookout for more... derps.

We're off to take a late night walk around our new neighborhood and then it's back to work on some Meat Boy prototypes involving vinyl!

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