Friday, December 02, 2011

28 things // No.6

(doodle by Ed<3)

I could got on about this but I'm not really in the writing mood. Suffice it to say I am a very anxious person, I wasn't always but around my early 20s when my job with Easter Seals was extremely stressful, I started being afraid of the phone. Calling in sick made me feel like I was going to die. The ring of the house phone was paralyzing, no caller id...nightmarish.

I'm a little bit better now but I let Ed answer the phone whenever I can. I don't enjoy talking on the phone and I feel very anxious about how and when the conversation will end. Of course I'm not like this with everybody, but yeah. I think this is a pretty common thing with most people especially since we don't really have to talk on the phone that much to communicate anymore. Oh texting, such a wondrous thing!

Are you one of the scared of brave?


Angie said...

Oh, I despise talking on the phone! It's so. so. awkward. I'd rather chat via text or online. AND one of my jobs was nothing but answering calls. /cringe Not to mention, I was working from home for Xbox. Can you imagine answering calls all day with extremely angry customers and/or teenage pranksters? /shiver

Elpoo said...

Uh Muh Guh, Link pinkies with me Danielle. I hate talking on the phone so much, it's on my list of things to blog about. Brian and I will debate about who has to call for pizza, we hate talking on the phone that much.


Origami_potato said...

Yep you're not alone! I feel so sorry for my cellphone because I don't use it much at all! *laughs* I've always hated the phone. It's pure evil.

Claire said...

I HATE THE PHONE!! I hate cold calling and I never know when a conversation is done. But I can answer the phone at work like a champ. Its like I have a second personality, and she's a '60's secretary.
Oh I've been taking a huge dose of vitamin D and sitting by my Ottlight for a good half hour every morning and its really helping my sleep. Its something to try.

Michelle Van Swearin said...

Hehehe, remember when you called me that one time, and I didn't answer and you got mad at me because you finally got the nerve to call me. I'm sorry. I get scared answering the phone too. It's scary.

PS in case you didn't know Michelle Van Swearin = iheart2embalm = me.