Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A birthday party at a bar!

We went to one of Ed's friends from high schools birthday party! We did pretty great for this type of atmosphere I think D: Ed was cool as a cucumber! So, I made The birthday boy a lemon brooch because that's his last name hah! It was funny watching people's reactions to it, i dont get to see that too often.

We stayed for around 3 hours, ate some delicious bacon cupcakes and banana pudding, when are you EVER someplace that has not one, but two amazing desserts?!?! We walked a few blocks down to get coffee and I had to run into forever21 to get some flats, luckily they had one size 10 I could squeeze into. The balls of my feet were killing me!! I'm really glad I got those flats though, then we headed back to the bar. I got stuck talking to a drunk girl who asked me if i had baby fever when I hit 28...I said, I always have times where I feel like that but I've been pregnant a couple times...she says,"how old are you kids?"....my response was,"no". lol that's all I could think to say! then it got kinda heavy and she told me about her experiences and I told her how usually after an "interrupted" pregnancy you'll have ( i don't know the right word for it) ghost pregnancy symptoms. It's sad that people don't have more information on this sort of thing since 1 in 2 women have have an abortion that's half...so if you're sitting in a room with 4 women there's a good chance 2 of them have. I was thinking about this when I was at my sisters house with 2 of her awful friends talking about pregnancy. I was thinking ,well I've gone through it, I know my sister hasn't so what are the odds that one of her 2 friends has. I asked her after they left and sure enough one of them had. It's unfortunate that things like sexuality, abortion,mental health,medication have such a stigma attached to them.These are things we need to talk about, things that can ruin your life if not openly discussed without shame...

 Anywho this post wasn't meant to be about abortion so continue on to the photos!!

I am amazing at pool! It's my second favorite thing to play, bowling being the first. I sunk 4 balls in a row one game, it was amazing :D Ed is terrible but that's ok because he's cute ("I'm not terrible!!" -Ed)  After 2 games the birthday boys band went on! It was sooo loud! I'll bring earplugs next time so i can better appreciate the music .

I'm so pooped! and Tammy has never been more happy to be in her wrap. She's been in here/there? going on 2 hours<3